Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction can lead to many physical, emotional, and behavioral changes. These coworkers and loved ones are often the first to notice these changes. However, once people start to see these differences, it can be hard to convince the individual abusing heroin that he or she needs treatment. Sadly, treatment is the only way to survive long-term heroin abuse and have a real chance for lasting recovery. Luckily, our Texas heroin addiction treatment program at Aasra Drug Rehab Centre is here to help you.


If you love someone who is abusing heroin, there are signs you can look for to confirm that they suffer from addiction.

Signs of heroin addiction include extreme changes in how they look and act, such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Constantly running nose
  • Injection marks from needles on arms or other body parts
  • Skin infections or abscesses at the injection site
  • Cuts, scabs or bruises
  • Abandonment of relationships and interests
  • Shift in priorities
  • Financial decline
  • Theft or other legal troubles


Withdrawal is a clear sign of addiction to any drug, just as it is for heroin. Addiction exists if your loved one or friend goes through difficult symptoms of withdrawal when not using heroin. They need addiction treatment, starting with safe medical detox through our heroin detox program.

Withdrawal from heroin starts with symptoms that appear within a few hours or up to one day after your loved one’s last dose. You’ll often see symptoms that are similar to the flu, including body aches, exhaustion, and gastrointestinal upset.